Sunday 9th June - Gift Day

Saturday 15th June - SAFCO - Hoy! & Jacket Potatoes

Saturday 22nd June - 11am Table Top Sale

Saturday 29th June - 11am - 2pm; 291 Creative Hub Craft Event (part of the Mayors Community Weekend)

Sunday 21st July - 11am - Songs of Praise (with Hymns chosen by the congregation)

Saturday 3rd August - Craft Fayre

Monday 23rd September - Family Committee

Monday 7th October - Church Council

Saturday 14th December - 11am - 4pm; Christmas Tree Festival

5pm - Top 10 Christmas Carol Service

Sunday 15th December - Youth Organisations Christmas Service (one week later than usual)

Saturday 21st December - 10:30am - 12noon Coffee, Carols & Christmas Trees with helen@thepedals